Clear quartz is known to be thе most powerful and magical stone on Earth.

First, this is because it strengthens and amplifies and balances any energy directed for healing purposes. It corresponds with the Crown Chakra but can be used to heal all chakras.

Second, very curious fact, there is a theory that quartz crystals represent the crystalline consciousness of our planet, its “brain cells.” They are the connectors of the most ancient metaconsciousness and people are able not only to connect to this Superconscious, but also to use it.

In antiquity, white quartz was compared to “petrified ice created by the gods.” Such a comparison came for a reason: long since this mineral designated places of power.

Have you ever heard people speak of legendary crystals of Atlantis? Atlantian quartz crystals that are believed to contain the records of lost civilizations.  Nobody can’t surely say whether these beliefs are true or not, but these particular crystals have demonstrated unique energies that are very valuable, particularly in today’s world.

Developed civilizations used these crystals to preserve the tuning of consciousness for the higher vibrations of and everyone who entered the field of their auras was filled with force. They became powerful tools through which cosmic power could be conducted.

Atlantian Crystals are used with an open, receptive mind in meditations that do not seek particular answers or results.  It is important to have a very receptive, non-judgmental mind for any effect at all.  It is believed that they transmit knowledge and understanding from ancient times to different users.

The healing properties of clear quartz

Mineral has a positive effect on the state of the respiratory system. It is noticed that with colds it helps to improve well-being.

Among the useful properties it is worth highlighting such as:

  • cleansing the lungs;
  • enrichment of the body with oxygen;
  • rejuvenation;
  • increasing energy potential.

Also Various types of quartz are used to purify water:

Quartz has the ability to purify water and give it properties for healing. With the help of such a stone they reach such a structure of water, which makes it look like water from sources in the mountains.

This water could be used against colds, lung diseases, throat diseases. Its frequent use contributes to the acceleration of metabolic processes in cells, enhancing the protective properties of the organism.

A “stone of the mind”, Quartz has a soft feminine energy that can be used to balance its internal contradictions. It teaches patience, freedom, and discernment in relationships.

If you use quartz as an jewellery, you can benefit from it: it strengthens the memory, the imagination, helps in public speaking. Generally speaking, clear quartz acts as an amplifier of brain processes.

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