What do you think of semiprecious stones and minerals?  Many people have a great admiration for gemstones, especially concerning home decor.

Interest in the “gifts” of nature is growing every year, including in interior design, this can be clearly seen on the passion for eco-style, as well as the use of natural materials. There is nothing surprising in this fact. People have always been attracted to nature, especially when we see all these masterpieces created by earth, it is simply impossible to stand aside and not use it for your home.

Let’s see what minerals are most often used as decorative elements, what properties they possess and how they can be beautifully applied.

Amethyst is among the most popular semi-precious stones. Did you know this is a variety of quartz? (by the way, the most expensive) with sparkles of all shades of violet, pale pink and dark purple. Actually, this is a mineral that family and love connections and helps to attract wealth. It also has healing properties, symbolizes happiness, sincerity, peacefulness and health. In general, it is believed that all precious and semiprecious stones hidden in the ground have a special life force. Of course, nobody knows the truth, but a tiny cute piece of amethyst or any other stone can significantly affect the atmosphere in your house.

Second places goes to fabulous colorful Agate. This mineral harmonizes the environment, protect the house from external negative effects, takes on all the negative energy (and also turns it into positive). How can it fit into the interior? Well, first, you can just take a few slices of agate and decorate them with on the table, use as a book holder or place at any other surface in the bathroom to create cozy atmosphere.

Secondly, bigger slices of agate are sometimes used as a plate for food or your morning coffee. It is possible to make a beautiful wall composition by framing agate slices. In fact, there are many different ways to use this mineral at home, but it seems to me that agate will look spectacular everywhere and always.

Rose quartz is the third most wanted mineral for home décor. This is a stunning stone that could be used for your desk, dresser or side table. It is believed to be a love stone that represents unconditional love and promotes peace and healing. Many people keep Rose Quartz in thier home to surround themselves in a warm and loving home.