🍃Natural stones are gaining more and more popularity today.

Life becomes commercialised and people feel the need to be closer to nature, recharge their batteries, find peace and relax. Have you realised how globalised our life has become? So much stress and responsabilities in our every day duties.

People are seeking for a way to find peace for themselves and relax. So many new health centers with alternative medicine appear everyday. All of them seek to achieve harmony and life balance with the help of some natural techniques and ancient eastern knowledge. 

🍃 What would be the connection with natural stones? 

Owning gemstone jewelry may produce a different kind of importance for every person.
🏔 Some love them because they are visually attractive. I think that is the case of most of the people, and I am one of them.

🏔 Others value them for their balancing properties and chakra healing, reiki or massages. And there are so many hidden and unexplored knowledge!

🏔 Some people love decorating their living rooms and bathrooms with natural crystals and enjoy their new classy decor. Why would most classy SPA centers decorate their rooms with beautiful natural stones?

What about you? Let me know why do you purchase natural stones?