Rose Quartz Obelisk
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Rose Quartz crystals

Rose Quartz Obelisk, spiritual pyramids, healing crystal tower

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✔Brand: Stardust

✔Colour: Tender Pink

✔Material: Rose Quartz

✔Quality: Fine Quality stones

✔Shape: Obelisk

✔Size: 6.5x 2 cm

✔Surface: Smooth, glassy

✔Occasion: Party, Wedding Gift, Birthday, St. Valentine’s, Graduation, Mother’s day

✔Chakra: Heart chakra

✔Country: Brazil

❀❀Package Include:

❀Shipping Out Within 24 Hours

❀3-7 Days Expedited Shipping in EU 🇪🇺

❀1-2 Days shipping in Bulgaria 🇧🇬


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Rose Quartz Crystal Tower for home decor or a beautiful gemstone gift for someone close to your heart. Comes in branded packaging with postcard.

♡ The ancient Greeks considered rose quartz a gift from the god Eros, helping people in finding their “beloved one” and achieve harmony in marriage 💕

Rose quartz helps agains stress, relieves emotional stress, calmes down, makes your heart spead happiness and love. It removes the pain of old emotional and heart issues.💖

Rose quartz enhances self-esteem and self-confidence, improves mutual understanding between people. This stone gives vitality to its owner, promotes the development of sensuality, increases creativity🌿👍🏻

♡ Few reasons to choose Rose Quartz jewelry:

ꕥ The crystal par excellence for any matters relating to the emotions.

ꕥ This gemstone is fantastic for the moments when need our emotions soothed.

ꕥ Rose Quartz is not about emotional stability, but of harmonizing any emotional discord or change. Our emotions are our guidance system to manifestation and creating our own reality.

ꕥ This natural stone is great for fear, grief, relationships, contemplating love ~ how we give and receive it.

♥♥♥♥♥ All jewelry comes in premium packaging, gift ready, plus a stylish postcard ♥♥♥♥♥

All of our jewelry are designed and crafted by hand in our atelier in Bulgaria with careful attention to detail that allows us to create truly beautiful gifts for you.