To tell the truth, there is nothing more easy than to make a lovely pair of handmade earrings/necklace from natural raw minerals. It shall take you not more than five minutes.

I am convinced that there is some beauty in raw stones like rose quartz, amethyst, citrine or fluorite. The colors and natural patterns in the stones are so exquisite.

You can buy stones in local Stone shops or order them online. Hopefully, there is a huge choice today. Most of the minerals I shop from local stores here in Sofia. This time my choice fall on this purple color raw amethyst. The only challenge is to find two matching stones that are similar enough in shape to work as earrings.

If you are a raw stone jewelry lover as me, you may like these rough stone pendants and raw amethyst earrings.

Let’s go straight to the question: how to make DIY raw stone jewelry?

What you need?

  • Raw stones and minerals like amethyst, rose quartz, fluorite, clear quartz or maybe some porcelain?
  • Sterling silver elements
  • E6000 glue or G-S Hypo Cement


  • Put a tab of the Jewelry glue on the silver stud, press stone firmly onto glue and let dry.
  • Instruction says it needs to dry 10 minutes, but experience shows that it’s better to let it dry 24 hours.

Many women prefer minimal design jewelry today. These purple raw amethyst earrings are getting more popular among ladies. You can check more photos of them here.

Also we used natural white agate for these silver-filled hooks, they are so elegant, go well with every style and have a strong feminine energy: white agate earrings.