So you’ve been considering purchasing a piece of gemstone jewelry, but you aren’t really sure how to style it?

Gemstone jewelry will always look fashionable, classy and sophisticated. It helps to delicately emphasize the whole look and make it more refined.

Natural stones will be an excellent gift for any reason, the main thing is to know which minerals will be more appropriate for a particular situation.

➰Business For a productive meeting it will be appropriate not to choose very large and bright gemstones, as they will steal all the attention from yourself, and your partner wouldn’t be able to capture the needed information. Therefore, if your goal is productive communication with people, then choose modest and inconspicuous products, for example, a ring with a white pearl or a pendant with a small noble crystal.

➰Stone color. It will be great if your stones match your eye colour: for the brown eyes, the ideal option would be a tiger’s eye or amber, for blue eyes – topaz, turquoise or aquamarine, for greens – chrysoprase and chrysolite. Another option is the selection of jewelry with natural stones to match the color of the suit: almost all the gems from diamonds to jasper are combined with a black tone of clothes, and for a light suit it is better to choose light jewelery such as pearls, crystal, mother of pearl.

➰Casual outfits. Gemstone jewelry is one of the best investments you can make in your wardrobe. These pieces will not only give you more power to custom-tailor your look, they are also a simple way to impress everyone you meet. For everyday outfits it is better to choose not very large jewelry: thin bracelets, non-massive beads, brooches of average size, rings without an abundance of stones. If you usually wear several rings, then it is better that only one of them be with natural stone – this will emphasize the beauty of the product.

➰Colour schemes. Generaly speaking, it would be good to match your gemstone in accordance with color schemes. Stylists suggest to use the color circle (as shown on second image) to identify which gemstone colour fits best your look. Of course, you could experiment on your own, but it can be a good assistant to your sense of style.

➰Evening look. This is the time to experiment! For an evening dress you could wear the most extravagant jewelry, including large and bright natural stones. Both large size earrings and big bracelets will be appropriate here.