How to use Agate stones at home for a good Feng Shui?

 🔹How to use Agate stones at home for a good Feng Shui?💫😊

There is a huge variety of agates on the market: from red to blue, purple and pink.
Agate stone has a balancing, healing energy that can be very soothing. This is especially true of blue agate. It is even believed that blue agate is the most healing of all blue stones.

🔹In this case, where to place the agate stone for a powerful feng shui?

Put the agate in the part of the house that most needs energy replenishment and gentle healing.
For example, blue agate is perfect for the health zone (east) and the wealth zone (southeast). At the same time, fiery red agate will get along perfectly in the southwest – in the sector of love and marriage.

🔹What about the shape of the agate stone?

You could start with a turtle-shaped agate stone. Also, pretty often you can find heart-shaped agate stones in “new age boutiques”. Both cabochons and agate jewelry are easy to find. You can experiment and decide which type of agate works best for you and your home.

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