Top 9 Gems that will help the Universe Bring the Right Person to You

In my opinion, there is nothing more painful than loving a person with all your heart and knowing that he is not worth a broken penny.

 ― W. Somerset Maugham

Of course, you are convinced that your ex partner was the most beautiful exception and amazing person in the world, but the truth is people are not that unforgettable as you think they are.

Sometimes it’s not your fault.

Sometimes it’s not their fault, either. 

It just didn’t work out for you two.

This article is for those who want to attract love vibes into their lives and finding the right parner, but also for those who want to strengthen their relationship with Mr. Perfect. Here you can find out which gemstone could be of a help for your perticular situation.

Where love exists, conflicts and fears disappear, growth and prosperity appears in our lives. The true spiritual nature of the personality manifests itself, healing takes place, true happiness is born. But before everything else, we should learn how to love ourselves.


Gems That Enhance Loving Relationships

Yes, stones could be used for a variety of needs and one of them is the need of LOVE. You can find the right gemstone to balance and support relationships, especially between you and the person you care the most. Some people place the most popular ‘love’ energy stones in the bedroom, in a lovely decorative bowl by the bed. You can also decorate your living room with a a little salver with tiny stones and candles to create that cozy ambiance.

Some stones are great to be worn as beads in a necklace, bracelets, or rings. They are a great gifts to show your affection or your tender feelings for men or women of any ages. Good point is that they will never be out of fashion.

Curious fact, minerals that can attract love, are better to be worn as a pendant or beads. Moreover, it is desirable to use a long chain or thread so that the selected mineral is in contact with the heart chakra, Anahata. Actually, it is believed in the East that this energy center is responsible for the feelings of love, tenderness, sympathy. Therefore, the mineral located close to this energy center acts more efficiently and quickly.

Rose quartz is one of the strongest love stones, helps to open our hearts, be more patient and tender and love yourself. With pink quartz, you can perform a rituals to attract love.promotes romantic love, forgiveness, humility, and patience. Good part is, this is a fairly inexpensive and easy to find stone that could be worn as jewelry.  Tuck a piece of tumbled rose quartz into each of the four corners of your bedroom to encourage loving relationships in your life.

The sparkling red ruby is associated with romantic love and love of self. This precious stone could be rather expensive. Ruby brings integrity, devotion, and happiness. It is said to strengthen both the physical and the emotional heart, bringing courage to the wearer.

Rose quartz and garnet are also very powerful stones and less expensive than ruby.

Moonstone holds protective energy and is balancing for the emotions. This gemstone also protects from misunderstandings. Having a conflict with your Mr. Perfect? Wear jewelry with this stone and no matterthe situation, peace and undersanding will be back in your relationship. Moostone helps everyone, gives wisdom in resolving disputes

Turquoise. This mineral, interlacing in itself the beauty and power of high feelings, will become a faithful assistant in heart matters. Turquoise is a symbol of eternal love. According to its properties, turquoise jewelry is magical: it makes wonders in strengthening intimate relationships and has a beneficial effect on the harmony of relationships.

Sapphire. This mineral symbolizes loyalty and honesty in relationships. Sapphire has long been used as an “indicator” of female virtues. If a woman went by treason, then the stone instantly changed color. Therefore, to prove honesty in relationships, ladies had to wear a sapphire ring for three hours in daylight. In addition, the mineral strengthens the union of two lovers, protecting them in the way of quarrels and betrayals.

Pearl signifies balance and noble tranquility. Its owner feels more secure, respectively, ready to open up to men. Pearls are the stone of women homemakers, good housewives and mothers. Pearls help people to believe in themselves who are prone to constantly playing second roles and shaking in the presence of brighter personalities. When used as jewelry it has a soothing influence on the body. It is advisable to wear natural pearls. They a more expensive than cultivated onces, and prices vary, depending on the quality and the shape of the pearl.

Garnet is as stone that will stimulate inner sensuality and combat depression. Its intense red shade is said to be symbolic of passion, inspiration, love and romance. Its a wonderful stone to wear as jewelry or add pieces of tumbled stones to the Relationship Altar. In order for the mineral to give love, reveal high feelings in the donee and retain these emotions, it is necessary to charge with sincere emotions, true love, deep feelings. Light flirt or insincerity – all this will pass by the side of the garnet, and the stone will not work as an amulet of love.

Amethyst also called as “the stone of new love” or “the stone of ex singles”. Amethyst easily evokes feelings for both sides: those who offers this gemstone as a present, but also those who receives it (even if the second person is having a relationsip). Some people say that the energy of amethyst is able literaly to  “steal” a person’s love from the existing relationships, makes him ready for a new love. That is why, this stone is not recommended to be offered as a jewelry to young girls and married women. Some nations have such a tradition: if someone has lost his beloved one and has no intention of creating a new family, then he must wear an amethyst as a symbol of eternal love.

Green jade. If we believe the legend, green jade was offered to the emperor of China by the gods. One of the most precious stones of the East. Green jade helps to strengthen love and happiness and fortifies the physical body. Ccan be worn as a jewelry and acts as a good talisman that protects, brings good luck, love and money. It is a stone of the heart, both physically and emotionally.