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Boho chic Jade earrings
Jade earrings with tourmaline
Elegant light green jade earrings gold
Elegant hoop Jade earrings
Green jade hoop earrings gold
Round green jade earrings
Green Jade hoop earrings Stardust
Green Jade earrings with red stone
Elegant light green jade earrings
Boho chic hoop Jade earrings

“Calm” Light Green Jade hoop earrings with tourmaline 14k gold plated, gift for women, minimalist jade earrings

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Brand: Stardust

All pieces are designed in our atelier in Bulgaria

Material: Green Jade, Red Tourmaline 14k gold plating, steel

Quality: Fine Quality Jewelry

Style: Elegant, Minimalist

Size: 2 cm

Color: Green, red, gold

Surface: Smooth; glassy

Chakra: Heart

Country: China

Ideal Gift: for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Name Day, Birthday, Summer party, Wedding

 ❀❀Package Include:
1X Pair of earrings
1X Premium branded packaging
1X Lucky Postcard Gift

Shipping Out Within 24 Hours:

➜ EU: up to 5 – 7 business days;
➜ US: up to 7 – 14 business days; 
➜ Everywhere else: up to 7 – 21 business days.

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These jade earrings combine the minimalist hoop design with an enchanting red tourmaline stone secured in 14k gold filled setting. Earrings size: 2cm. Light green hue of these earrings add a natural touch to any outfit. 

In Aisian Culture Green Jade is one of the most precious stones. This green stone is most valued across Southeast Asia, Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines.

For example, Chinese culture so values jade that it appears in many of their idioms. As an American might say a lovely young woman is, “pretty as a picture,” the Chinese equivalent might be to say she has a, “jade countenance”.

If you’re feeling low and passionless lately, it can be because of the accumulated negative energies in your aura.

Nephrite-Jade is a protective stone that will help:

♥ transform negative energies in your life into positive

♥ promote a sense of calm

♥ stimulate your thoughts and your imagination

♥ It symbolizes the good life, and your talents and abilities that will make this good life possible.

♥♥♥♥♥ All jewelry comes in premium packaging, gift ready, plus a stylish postcard ♥♥♥♥♥

All of our jewelry are designed and crafted by hand in our atelier in Bulgaria with careful attention to detail that allows us to create truly beautiful black pearl jewlery.


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