“Self-love” – Brown faced GOLDSTONE bracelet, luxury Natural Stone bracelet

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Brand: Stardust

All pieces are designed in our atelier in Bulgaria

Material: Goldstone

Quality: Fine Quality Jewellery

Style:  Elegant, Boho, Casual

Bracelet length: w18cm

Colour: Brown with sparkles

Surface: Smooth; glassy

Chakra: Root

Element: Earth and fire

Country: Australia

Ideal Gift: for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Birthday, Summer party, Wedding

❀❀Package Include:

1X Bracelet

1X Premium branded packaging

1X Lucky Postcard Gift

Shipping Out Within 24 Hours:

❀ EU: up to 5 – 7 business days;
❀ US: up to 7 – 14 business days; 
❀ Everywhere else: up to 7 – 21 business days.

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✰No goal is too big or too small with Goldstone. It’s a stone that attracts money and prosperity. This elegant goldstone bracelet can be worn separetly or with stylish beige/gold watch. Comes gift-ready.

HEALING properties:

➛ Goldstone will help attract prosperity to your home and is particularly good for older homes..
➛ Goldstone is a money charm. It is also a charm for anyone seeking fame.
➛It has an influence on sight, hearing and smell.
➛ Blue goldstone is said to help highlight intuitive abilities.
➛ Helps to open us up to new opportunities making it good for anyone in business.
➛ Correponds to Root chakra

If you are feeling that you are toxified or overwhelmed by different emotions then wearing goldstone jewellery might be your best partner in finding the solutions.

♥♥♥♥♥ All jewelry comes in premium packaging, gift ready, plus a stylish postcard ♥♥♥♥♥

All of our jewelry are designed and crafted by hand in our atelier in Bulgaria with careful attention to detail that allows us to create truly beautiful gifts for you.