bulgarian rose water mist Stardust gift
bulgarian rose water mist Stardust gift
Natural rosa damascena face toner
Bulgarian Rose water toner
Damasl Rose water toner for face
Natural rosa damascena water mist
Luxury Bulgarian Rose water toner
Rosehip Oil for Skin
French style cosmetic products Stardust gift
Famous Bulgarian Rose Valley
Organic rose and lavender waters for face
Rosa Damascena Rose Valley Bulgaria

Bulgarian ROSE Water Toner for face, Rosa Damascena water, 100ml, 150ml

Botanical/Latin Name: Rosa damascena
Distillation: Steam distilled flower petals
How Grown: Conventional unsprayed
Part used for production: Fresh Flowers
Location: Bulgaria
Aromas: Sweet, rosy, floral, fresh, exotic and sensual
Size: 100ml or 150ml

❤1X Flower water
❤1X Premium branded packaging
❤1X Lucky Postcard Gift

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💖 Premium quliaty Rose water from Bulgaria with high concentration of essential oils. 100ml glass bottle and luxury packaging.

This is a gentle natural facial tonic which is suitable for every skin type (even sensitive) It rejuvenates the skin, leaving it hydrated and soft, while awakening all you senses with aura of sensual rosy scent..

🌿The benefits of ROSE water:🌿

⊳ Sooths and calms every skin type, even sensitive!

⊳ This Natural Rose water helps hydrate, regenerate and rejuvenate the skin.

⊳Also known for its anti-ageing properties. It has a sensual rosy smell – it enchances the mood and acts as aromatherapy.


⊳ This organic rose water is made from distilling the blooming flowers of Rosa damascena.
The climate, soil and environment of Bulgaria’s Thrace valley make it the world’s most renowned region for growing high quality
lavender, vastly superior to other geographies like USA and Morocco


⊳ this pure product is distilled from Rosa damascenapetals and has NO added alcohol, chemicals or artificial fragrances and essences


⊳ this rose water is a natural toner – it cleans and moisturizes the skin.
It also helps to sooth and calm every skin type, even sensitive.


⊳ this rose water is perfect for a light moisturizer. Indulge yourself in the warmth of rose aroma,
leaving your skin feeling light and comfortable. The natural oils in this rose water have anti-aging properties and its scent has a proven positive effect on the mood and well being.


⊳ Bulgaria is famous for rose production. Bulgarian rose waters and oils are used for perfume creation around the world, as well as cosmetics. It is steam-distilled which results in one of the purest flower waters in the world.
Rose Water is a gentle facial tonic which is suitable for every skin type, even sensitive. It brings vitality and improves elasticity of the skin, leaving it flawless and soft. The scent of this water is so warm and sensual.
This rose water is made from roses thath have been collected at 4 in the morning in the rose valley and distilled in local Bulgarian ciry, Karlovo.




100ml, 150ml


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