Luxury White pearl earrings rose gold
Luxury White pearl earrings rose gold
Stardust gift
Bridal pearl earrings rose gold
Minimalist pearl earrings rose gold
Premium quality rose gold earrings with pearls
White pearl dangle earrings hadnmade
White pearl dangle earrings
White pearl earrings rose gold gift
White pearl earrings rose gold Stardust
White pearl earrings rose gold

“Temptation” Luxury Oval White Pearl Earrings for women, Confession jewelry, rose gold jewelry, statement earrings

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Brand: Stardust

Colors available: Pink, Black or Yellow pearls. All in Rose Gold.

 Material: Freshwater Pearl, Gold Plated elements

 Mollusk Type: Hyriopsis cumingii

Quality: Fine Quality Jewellery

Style : Elegant

Earrings length: 2cm approx

Shape: Oval shape

Ideal Gift: for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Birthday, Summer party, wedding

Surface: Smooth

Earrings material:  24k Gold plated Silver

Chakra: Crown

Country: Indonesia

❀Package Include:

❤1X Pair of Earrings

❤1X Premium branded packaging

❤1X Lucky Postcard Gift

Shipping Out Within 24 Hours:❀ EU: up to 5 – 7 business days;
❀US: up to 7 – 14 business days; 
❀Everywhere else: up to 7 – 21 business days.


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Clear design large pearl earrings featuring rose gold covered silver in premium quality. Extremly lustry and beautiful freshwater pearls. Available in 3 colors: pink, black and yellow/creamy.

‘Ultra large’ white pearl earrings of Stardust exudes timeless elegance and effortlessness. The pearl measures 15mm. Total earrings length-5.5cm. Comes with postcard and a luxury gift box. Free of charge delivery with a tracking number.

These faboulous pearls are so elegant and look extremly sophisticated on ladies ears. These pearl earrings are tender and perfectly suit mysterious and unpredictable ladies. Pearls have graced the necks, ears and fingers of most charming women for decades. 

🧿 Physical & Metaphysical Properties 🧿

⊳ Boosts your mood, calms the nervous system and protects from temptations.⠀
⊳ Balances the aura⠀
⊳ Calming effect on your whole body⠀
⊳ Helps with skin issues⠀
⊳ Enlightens the mind⠀
⊳ Symbolises loyalty and dedication⠀
⊳ Is believed to be a a stone of fertility – Pearls are supposed to cure heart problems. (Wearing pearl necklace – one average size pearl will be enough)⠀
⊳ Helps to see positive things in yourself/your partner⠀

🕯Chinese believed that pearls enhance sexual energy, improve eyesight and ear problems.⠀
🕯Mongolian are convinced that this is a symbol of richness, power and pearl contain a deep healing energy against eye issues.⠀
🕯Japanese use pearl powder in order to cure various diseases like diabetes, hypertension, problems with kidneys and others.⠀

♥♥♥♥♥ All jewelry comes in premium packaging, gift ready, plus a stylish postcard ♥♥♥♥♥

All of our jewelry are designed and crafted by hand in our atelier in Bulgaria with careful attention to detail that allows us to create truly beautiful gifts for you.

Pearl color

PInk, Black, Yellow