Shungite gold hoop earrings, luxury black mineral earrings, gift for girlfriend

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☑ Brand: Stardust

☑ All pieces are designed in our atelier in Bulgaria

☑ Earrings length: 3cm; 14k gold filled hoops, Doesn’t change color.

☑ Quality: Fine Quality Jewellery

☑ Style: Chic, casual, modern

☑ Color: Black, gold

☑ Surface: Glassy

☑ Chakra: Root

☑ Country: Russia

☑ Necklace: 14k gold filled, Stainless Steel, 50cm/19in

☑ Ideal Gift: for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Name Day, Birthday, Summer party, Wedding

❀❀Package Include:

1X Pendant necklace

1X Premium branded packaging

1X Lucky Postcard Gift

Shipping Out Within 24 Hours:

❀ EU: up to 5 – 7 business days;
❀ US: up to 7 – 14 business days; 
❀ Everywhere else: up to 7 – 21 business days.

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Stay classy with natural shungite gold hoop earrings. Earrings are made from quality 14k gold filled hoops and natural shungite. Their length is 3cm. Shungite is a carbon-rich stone that’s believed to reduce inflammation, oxidative stress, and EMF exposure. Some also claim it can purify water and relieve emotional stress.

Info about the necklace: the chain is gold filled Stainless Steel (and doesn’t tarnish) that measures 50cm.

☯ Shungite HEALING properties: ☯

⊳ Cleanses the aura from negative energies.
⊳ This stones heals, purifies and protects.
⊳ Very effactive grounding stone.
⊳ Normalises your sleep and reduces stress.
⊳ Wearing Shungite in long-term is belived to make your biofield (karma) stronger.
⊳ This mineral has an unsual structure that helps to protect from harmful effects of electroradiation

Additional information:

Corresponds to Root Chakra.
Elements: water
Zordiac: cancer, scorpio, capricorn
Crystal system: amourphous
Used for chakra balancing.

🌸 This necklace comes in luxury gift box plus FREE international shipping! 🌸 This could be a great gift for your friends and family who love chic and classy jewelry and sensitive to quality materials.

♥♥♥♥♥ All jewelry comes in premium packaging, gift ready, plus a stylish postcard ♥♥♥♥♥

All of our jewelry are designed and crafted by hand in our atelier in Bulgaria with careful attention to detail that allows us to create truly beautiful gifts for you.


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